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Media data – January 2020

The M&A REVIEW is a mandatory publication for the German-speaking M&A industry and an integral part of the M&A community through partnerships with leading conferences, associations, seminar providers and the established publisher. M&A REVIEW has been the official publication organ of the German Association of M&A since January 1, 2015. In a separate editorial section, space was created for issues relevant to the association, news, member presentations and M&A events.

Target group

The M&A REVIEW is aimed primarily at M&A professionals in German-speaking countries. This initially includes managers in strategy and M&A departments of companies (corporates) as well as their corporate management and control levels (board members, managing directors, supervisory boards, advisory boards). The readership also includes management consultants, representatives of investment banks and corporate finance boutiques, as well as partners and employees of auditing / tax consultancy and law firms that are active in the area of ​​company takeovers and mergers. Financial investors – buyout funds, listed investment companies and family offices – also regularly receive the M&A REVIEW. Due to its scientific foundation and university background, the journal is also available in many universities and research institutions.

Advertisements in the M&A REVIEW reach all the multipliers and institutional target groups relevant to the German-speaking M&A business, as well as the leading minds in the industry. The monthly print run is 1,000 copies.