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Series: Digitization M&A • Vol. 1

Karl Michael Popp

Digitization of Mergers and Acquisitions: The Due Diligence Phase

Tasks and automation

The goal of this book is to lay the foundations for the end-to-end automation of the M&A process.

What is new in this book

  • Business model due diligence which deals with the business model of the target and its compatibility with the business model of the buyer.
  • Operations model due diligence which looks at the implementation of the business model with the help of resources in an organization. Resources can be employees, machines or computers.
  • New form of strategic due diligence which deals with the target’s strategy and its compatibility with the buyer’s strategy.
  • During due diligence, plans for merger integration are examined in the form of a merger integration due diligence.
  • Goals and objectives are defined for all tasks.
  • Inclusion of applications in the functional due diligence instead of only in the IT due diligence.
  • A complete data model for due diligence.

Target audience

The book is aimed at managers and employees of corporate development teams, strategy and M&A departments, managers responsible for M&A and post-merger integration as well as students and teachers in the field of M&A.

About the author


Dr. Karl Michael Popp (http://www.drkarlpopp.com) works in the Corporate Development Team at SAP. He works on Mergers and Acquisitions, responsible for product due diligence and post-merger integrations. He is a renowned expert, speaker and author on the subjects of mergers and acquisitions, post-merger integration and the software business.

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Automation of Mergers and Acquisitions: Due Diligence Tasks and Automation